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This is a site dedicated to the poetry collection written by Emil Hjort with the title "Murky Waters Obey!". On this page you will find assorted information about the poetry, and it will be possible to download the collection in .pdf format for free. You can learn about the author, and explore the possibilities of divine transcendence. Don't expect to find any boring stuff on this page. It will all be good fun.


About The Poetry

I have aimed at trying to expose the phenomenon of what Meister Echkart calls the birth of God in the Soul. That is why I deal with the psychic forces and try to bring forth between the lines exactly that in the mind of the reader. I will show you have to self-transcend and reach higher states of consciousness.

If you are lucky it will happen to you, and then you too will know. Then wisdom will enter into your soul and you will be transformed, as I was transformed.

I tell about real demons and how they hunt in the pockets of shadow found in society. Evil men in league with demons and other such creatures. You might not believe it, but I will describe it too you.

Go hunt with me, and be hunted.

My poetry is just as infused with God as I am. You might someday learn to see God hiding between the lines.

Conspicuously alive

Obscure and complicated, Emil writes about the possession experience, and how it has altered his sense of identity and agency. If another agent or being is present in his soul, then what has he become? Yet, this presence of a deity is in his very essence, and thus he is able to call it a “unity”, but then what form is he?

He might have left his humanity, and "burned all bridges", as one of his poems goes, and become something new, something uncommen and what was not at one time.

A Page For Emil Hjort

Emil Hjort

I am a poet mysticist who am impelled to write about the greatest symbol of them all, God, and for translating my lunacy into viable messages. Expect the unexpected, and fasten your seatbelt, for Emil will take you out of the cosmos and into truth and reality. He will show you what is hidden and subconscious, and direct it at your face.

You must take your leave with civilization and venture into raw and bountiful wilderness. Take all of your luggage, and throw it in the water. If you want to explore the mind and ideas of Emil Hjort you must be ready to enter new terrain.

It cannot be stated directly what it is Emil intends to evoke and describe. It must be carefully explored, collecting details and gathering them into a whole, and from it understanding the context. Don't go here if you are just a casual reader, someone browsing through poetry and ideas but having no home in the frosty wild where I live.

You can visit me at my homepage: www.emilhjort.dk.

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